Regional, authentic and healthy cuisine.

Nils Henkel is head chef at the Papa Rhein Hotel in Bingen.

For the kitchen management and gastronomic responsibility of the restaurant Bootshaus as well as the hotel Jan Bolland could win Nils Henkel, who was surprisingly available after three successful years in the Rheingau.

A symbiosis of regional cuisine (with products from the region) and cosmopolitan cuisine with a focus on fish and vegetables is served. Papa Rhein deliberately focuses on a casual gastronomy concept without star ambitions. The menu includes maritime bistro classics as well as dishes from Henkel's vegetable kitchen. Wines from the surrounding growing regions characterize the wine list of the Bootshaus.

Kaisergranat, Birnenblüte, Früchtechutney, Erbsen

Nils Henkel and Jan Bolland have known each other for many years through their joint affiliation with the Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe, the association of young German top chefs. In addition, they have become friends over the years.

The Hotel   The Bootshaus

Rindertartar, Senfsaat, Kapuzienerkresse
Mandelmilchreis, Fichtennadelsorbet, Pfirsich
Sonnenblume, Eigelb, Topinambur
Kabeljau-Kartoffelkruste, Linsen, Pistou
Steinköhler, Kartoffelkruste, Bourride, Artischocken
Schweinebauch, Spitzkohl, Kümmel, Senf
Saibling, Kopfsalat, Nordseekrabben
Büffeltatar, Mozzarella, Tomate
Kalbsfilet, Bäckchen, Liebstöckeljus, Spargel
Meeräsche, Safransud, Fregola, Fenchel
Forelle, Sesamknusper, Wasabi, Kichererbsen
Kabeljau, Kohlrabi, Schnittlauch, Apfelessig