But flora and fauna also belong together like meat and fish.

With his Fauna dishes, which contain elements of animal origin throughout, Nils Henkel often takes guests on a culinary journey. The season and regional availability of the products always play a major role in the sense of sustainability. His cuisine is therefore not radically regional. He likes to work with products from Germany, which he combines with international influences and flavor worlds.

Saibling, Holunderkapern, Brunnenkresse
Entenleber, Birkensaft, Waldpilze
Rote Garnele, griechischer Salat
Herbstrübchen, Truthahn, Vadouvanlinsen
Makrele Marrakesch, Aubergine, Couscous
Aprikose, Mandel, Porcelanaschokolade, Fichtennadel
Räucheraal, Bohnen
Gillardeau-Auster, Wachtelei, Schinken, Apfel
Rehbock, Sonnenblumenwurzel, Cassis
Haferwurzel, Kalbsbries, Kresse
Perlhuhn, Sauce Rouennaise, Puntarelle, Blumenkohl