Flora and fauna belong together like vegetables and greenery.

Vegetables, above all, are also very versatile. In his kitchen, Flora stands for working with vegetables and herbs. As the seasons change, he creates artful vegetarian dishes with lots of flavor and texture. Nils Henkel also likes to work with dairy products, cheese and eggs - but some Flora dishes manage without any products of animal origin at all and are thus vegan.

Grüner Spargel, Schwarzwaldmiso, Umeboshi
Zwiebelherz, Petersillienwurzel, Wachtelei
Deichkäse, Gurke, Remoulade
Verlorenes Eigelb, Sauerteig, Kräuter
Himbeere, Virungaschokolade, Paprika
Sonnenblume, Topinambur
Mais geröstet, Voigelmiere, Mohncrumble
Tamarillo, Koriandersorbet, Avocado
Roesenkohl, Albatrüffel, Haselnuss
Wassermelone, Frischkäse, Verveine
Sellerie, Gianduja, Weinbergpfirsich
Zwetschge, rote Bete, Heumilch
Bauernsalat, Gurke, Olive, Schafskäse